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  Dear students, teachers, alumni and friends,
  Welcome to our website and visit the International Business School of Shaanxi Normal University.
  No matter how faraway you are or what language you speak, please allow me to wish you all the best on behalf our 90 faculty and staff members.
  With your support, we will firmly hold on to our concept of development to educate students with the broad bosom of educators, to seek development with the craft of state governance, and help every student, faculty and staff member to soar in their career.
  We adhere to the principle of Putting People First to create favorable conditions for students all-round development and lay a solid foundation for them to become business elites, political leaders and academic masters.
  We value academic research and encourage our students and teachers to devote themselves to it. We do not only encourage advance in theoretical pursuit, but also new practical application, so as to make bigger contributions to human civilization and social progress.
  We advocate university spirit that a university or school should have its own soul and a scholar his/her own thoughts. As its root universe suggests, a university should be an inclusive home to academic progress and pursuit of truth.
  We regard discipline construction as the cornerstone to development. The teaching and research teams, the masters risen from the teams, the disciplines developed by masters and their teams, are keys to the development of a university.
  We believe humans are pillars. We want to work with internationally-minded, responsible, communicative, cooperative and dedicated persons who think critically and have the abilities of lifelong learning and self-development.
  We cherish the friendship of our alumni. We give our best wishes to them and hope they can come home often.
  Thirteen years after its establishment, we are striving with everyone to build a passion-inspired and dream-fulfilling International Business School.

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