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  The faculty in our seven departments of Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Financial Accounting, Management Science and Engineering, Finance and Financial Accounting are responsible for the teaching for undergraduate and graduate students in their respective majors.
  Drawing on the experience of outstanding business schools at home and abroad, we have devised our own curricula for the six undergraduate majors of Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Financial Management and E-commerce, aiming to produce high-quality employees for government departments, enterprises, financial and higher learning institutions who are well-prepared with theoretical foundations in economics or management, capable of doing research and using his/her knowledge and skills in economics, accounting, management, information technology and foreign languages.
  The eight internship bases such as the Shaanxi Provincial Talent Exchange Center provide good opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and practice their skills.
  We have one provincial-level Specialty Major of Economics, three university-level Teaching Teams and more than ten university-level Excellent Courses.

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