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Nie Xinyong speaks at 15th Smith Lecture
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       On October 27, 2015, Prof. Nie Xinyong spoke at the fifteenth Smith Lecture in Xinyong Student Activities Center on the new thinking in enterprise management.
  Nie Xinyong is the outstanding alumnus of Shaanxi Normal University, chair of board of Shanghai Hezhong Enterprise Investment and Management Co., Ltd., and chair of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Xinyong Educational Foundation.
  SNNU CPC Committee vice secretary Wang Tao, SNNU Educational Foundation secretary-general Liu Jianbin, officials of departments and schools, about 600 teachers and students from School of Tourism and Environmental Studies, School of Journalism and Communications and International Business School, entrepreneurs and management staff from several Nie's and related enterprises attended the lecture.
  Prof. Nie said that trans-boundary thinking was helpful for traditional enterprises to overcome the limit of traditional marketing thinking and cooperate beyond the boundary of original industry in an open, sharing and win-win manner. He argued that the trans-boundary multi-perspective interpretation and positioning of products, emphasis on customer value, sharing of resources and interests among partners would help modern enterprises excel competition, build harmonious environment and sustain long-term healthy development.
  He not only talked about his notions on managing an enterprise and being an entrepreneur, and answered young students' questions.
  He concluded his lecture with the words that "I will be satisfied if you can understand the significance of being a good person, taking up social responsibility and realizing your social values after listening to my words today."

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