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Two IBS teachers to take social service positions
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       Dr. Pei Huiru and Dr. Yin Haiyuan, two teachers of International Business School, would soon began to take their jobs in a local public service company and a county government in Shaanxi province.
  Pei Huiru would take the position of vice financial officer of Yulin Water Group and Yin Haiyuan the deputy county chief of Qishan county.
  They were appointed as part of the third Shaanxi province Doctoral Social Service Group.
  IBS hosted a farewell meeting on November 26 at Wenlan Building for them, in which officials of the university and IBS congratulated them.
  IBS dean Zhang Zhihe said IBS always valued its service to the society and hoped they would use their professional expertise to bring benefits to the local community.
  Pei Huiru and Yin Haiyuan thanked the university and their colleagues for their support and good wishes, and said they would fulfill their duties and bring back the experience to their classrooms and research after service.

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