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IBS scholars appointed Xian legislation experts
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  Prof. Zhang Zhihe and Prof. Yi Lan of Shaanxi Normal University's International Business School were appointed members of the first expert panel on legislation of the Standing Committee of Xi'an People's Congress, as the appointment ceremony was held on March 23 in Xi'an.
  The Thirty four experts on the panel, including 16 scholars from five universities, are from judicial and legislative departments and agencies, research institutes and higher institutions in Xi'an city.
  The panel aims to strengthen and reform Xi'an's local legislation, promote scientific legislative decisions, and improve legislation quality. The experts will participate in the drafting of legislative planning, discussion of major legislation and assessment of legislation.
  The IBU experts said they would take up the responsibility and use their expertise to provide more effective legislative consultations and suggestions, so as to contribute to the scientific and democratic legislation of Xi'an city.

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