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274 2016 freshmen begin school at IBS
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  On August 12 and 13, 274 new students of Shaanxi Normal University's International Business School came from across China to the university and registered for their first semester at the school.
  They were greeted by IBS's student counselors and staff from the General Administrative Office and handed the brochures of IBS Profile, Welcome Information Sheet and New Student Guide prepared by the teachers.
  From these materials and the posters put at the scene, the new students and their parents had a better knowledge of the information about the school, its academic strength, faculty and staff, student administration and employment prospects.
  Mr. Yang Tao, the student counselor for the 2016 new students, used many innovative ways in his student welcoming. He presented to students the cartoon Freshmen Safety Alerts and hand-drawn SNNU 3D Maps; he used his public WeChat platform We-We-Young to communicate with them online; he wrote a letter to the new students, greeting them, helping them change their roles, and encouraging them to adapt themselves to campus life; and he set up instant messaging QQ groups for the new students and also for their parents.
  After the student-teacher meeting, Yang Tao also acted as a campus tour guide and engaged old and new students in role-playing in the orientation and the Yanta Campus One-hour Tour.
  CPC IBS Branch Committee secretary Xie Yongguo and vice secretary Yang Jing visited the new students at the site of registration and thanked the student counselors for their hard work. They told them to put students first, help them solve their possible difficulties, and use the integrated freshmen orientation and military training sessions to help them adapt to new campus life, develop good study and living habits, so as to have a good start for their four-year college life.
  By 6:00 PM August 13, all the 2016 new students of IBS finished their registration.

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